Minecity, the home of the miners as the name says, its the city where you spawn, capital of Imperial lands , it was declared as a city in the year ET2 , a few weeks after the freedom and revolution of these lands was completed.

Located in the middle of the map Minecity is the biggest town at Imperial Lands . At south you can find Skidrow , at east Botternil , at north the Cut Forest and The Kingdom and at west the Imperial Sea .

Town contains the Imperial Castle, the place where the King Lewis lives and governs the region.

Currently, city has the following districts:


Panoramic view at night of the Church district, main plaza and part of the city waterfront

Farm district

Church district

Main Plaza

Warehouse district

Homes district

Castle district

Well district

City waterfront

City docks/harbor/port

And city has around 35 quests.

NOTE: This was the first city created by lolo500 (creator of the map), so its the most bad looking town, its beautiful, but it may be hard to explore at start since its confusing for new players.