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Aurum maze

QUEST: Ecstasy of Gold

Started: Aurum Caves

Items needed: None

Items recommended: Torches, food, armor, weapons.

Difficulty: Really hard

Length: Long

Combat: Yes

Puzzles: Yes

Reward(s): Unlock quest 6, biggest treasure at Imperial Lands (400 gold, full gold armor, diamond pickaxe, diamond shovel, golden apples, bread, and a lot of other items)

Not last quest of the guild, getting near, after completing previous quest , get inide the forgotten gold civilization of Aurum, prepare everything you have, prepare for frustration...

Start the jumping course, as you progress, you will see R.I.P signs with NPC's names, be careful, you will have to complete the jumping course and defeat ghosts at the same time, dont let them hit you, otherwise, you will fall into the dirty waters of this civilization.

Place torches everywhere to avoid ghosts, once you complete the jumping course, you will get inside a fighting platform, now you can:

Fight the ghosts and destroy the spawners so you can progress without enemies.


Run and start the other part of the maze but have spirits behind you.

Just remember, at the platform there will be six golden apples, make sure to take them.

Now, complete the other jumping course, this one is more like a puzzle, it involves looking at every place, because the are hidden ladders.

Once you complete this course, you will get inside the Aurum Temple, there you will start final quest, quest 6, but before, you must take your reward, the Aurum treasure, 8 chest of the best items at Imperial Lands.

QUEST COMPLETED, ready to finish with the guild at quest 6.

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