QUEST: Giant Baby

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Quest Chest

Started: Minecity Bank District

Items Needed: Pickaxe

Items Recomended: Armor, weapons and food.

Difficulty: Really hard

Lenght: Short

Combat: Yes

Puzzles: No

Reward: Diamond pickaxe, diamond helmet, cobblestone, chainmail chestplate, torches, golden apples, bread, arrows, bow, and a lot of other items.

Head to the Minecity Bank District, at the left side of the bank, near a miner working hut, there should be the quest chest, start the quest, it will tell you to destroy 4 spawners of giant evil beasts, which the quest giver calls "Babies", the battlefiled full of these beasts is located at the left side of the bridge connecting Minecity with Skidrow, sounds simple, but it is really hard.
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The Giant Beasts

Once you reach the bridge, look at your left and descend, there should be the 4 spawners, destroy the first one, beasts should take around 10 seconds to spawn, once the spawn (in groups of 4), they will start jumping causing earthquakes, a good tactic is go away from the spawners making the beasts follow you, and then return to the spawners and destroy them, dont waste too much time killing them. Once you are done, under a spawner there will be a wool block, b reak it and there will be your chest with the great reward.


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