The Quest: Healing Water begins


Started: In The Church Of Notch in Minecity

Items Needed: Nothing

Items Recomended: Possibly a Torch

Difficulty: Easy

Lenght: Short (Just a bit of walking)

Combat: No

Puzzles: No

Reward: A Book that gives you a lot of information about the area of the Imperial Lands , and 2 dirt blocks if you took them.

This quest is started in the holy Church Of Notch in Minecity . It is a request for help from Monk Dakon who is

The hill behind the spawn point


He says the only way to heal him is to bring Holy Water from the Mystical Water Well, near the warehouse district

Leave the Church and head west, past the Lady Greda Water Well, through the Main Plaza, past Minecity Bank, through Senza Mirika's house and back to your own house.

From your house head up the next behind your spawn point (South) and then across the minecart tracks. Head over the small hill South-East from the minecart tracks and you will see a foutain near an empty lot (Or a

The secret hole in the Mystical Water Well

structure of some kind if you have done the quest "Minecity Building")

Jump in the fountain and look down you will see a hole.

Swim down the hole then climb down the ladders in a small cave, you can put a torch up if you want.

There will be a chest open it, inside there are two books, some water and 2 dirt blocks, take all of them except the dirt blocks (unless you want to).

The inside of the secret chest

Read the purple Book, it tells you what to do next, the red book is your reward and the Holy Water you must take back to the Church.

Walk back the way you came to the Church Of Notch and put the Holy Water in the chest you started the quest.



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