JE 1

The Quest Book Title Page


Started: When your first enter Imperial Lands. Minecity

Items Needed: None

Difficulty: Easy

Length: Short

Combat: None

Puzzles: None

Reward(s): 50 Dirt, 59 Torches, 15 Gravel, Golden Sword, Diamond Sword, 3 Coal, 27 Bones, A DIamond and access to your house, spawn point and other places

Jail Escape is the first Quest you do in Imperial Lands
JE 2

Break these 2 cloth/wool blocks to start the escape


The Sewers

it is somewhat the "tutorial" quest.

You start of in a jail cell which has a chest (containing a book, which tells you about the quest) and a bed. You escape by breaking the cloth wall.

After breaking the cloth wall you are in the "Old Jail Tunnels". Keep walking down the pathway until you reach a left turn take the left turn to the "Jail Sewers".

Climb up the ladder then swim under the fences. Open the iron door by standing on the pressure pad.

Once you go through the door turn left and walk under the fences, you will see a chest open it and you will find 10 dirt, 29 torches, 15 gravel and a golden sword.

A Chest!


A Half Step Bridge

Then go up the stairs and through the iron door. Carefully walk over the halfstone bridge then through the next door.

Walk down the stairs and loot the chest which will get you 40 dirt, 30 torches, a diamond sword and 3 coal. The pool of water in the middle isn't important there is nothing good down there, just continue around the corner. Go down the hall to the iron door and then go through it.

Follow the hallways through the sewers, and continue through the next set of iron doors. Walk through the doors then up the stairs, through the hallway then through some more doors.

In this room you are on another halfstep bridge above a previous room, carefully make your way over an through the iron door.

Next walk through the hallway and through the doors. In this next room you will be on a halfstep bridge with a sign saying exit on the room infornt of you, don't go in there yet.

Look down under the bridge, jump down there and find the chest with the sign "ABANDONED GOBLIN CAMP DEEP WINDS" inside the chest there is 27 bones and a diamond.

Also down in that area is a spawner that spawns miners.

There is nothing else down there so just use the blocks you got from the chest and jump back up to the


halfstep bridge continue through the door to finish the quest.


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