QUEST: An adventure begins (coming in v0.4 )

Started: Behind spawn point at Minecity

Items Needed: None

Difficulty: Easy

Length: Medium

Combat: Yes

Puzzles: None

Reward(s): 32 iron bars.

Second quest at Imperial Lands , you get out of the sewers, you just escaped from jail, when a guard stops you and tries to take you back to jail so you can rot, but the King Lewis , who is about to leave the region of Imperial Lands saves you, he says you are the chosen one to mantain the law and power at these lands.

To be sure that you are the chosen and not a criminal scum, he sends you two important tasks, the first one (the one in this quest) and the second one (in the next quest), the first task is about recover some iron bars, located at the Flesha caves, under your house, just to prove you.

Go to the bottom of the Water caves, there you will find an entrance to this abandoned and undead caves, beware of the zombies, take the iron bars (you can keep them as a reward) and return to the king.


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