The kingdom is the heart of the Imperial Lands, it is in the middle of the map and it connects every city, town, village and other things with everything at Imperial Lands.

Currently, it is the biggest section at map, more than 60% of the map is part of The Kingdom.

The Kingdom it is known by its dangers, inside it, it lies bandits, enemies such as trolls, succubus , necromancers , creepers, and other creatures that will kill you on sight.

That is why, The Kingdom is not recommended for un-experienced/new players at Imperial Lands, also, its really easy to get lost inside this huge section.


Size: Really Huge

Biome: Desert, Woods, Dark woods, Dense woods/Forests, Hells, Tundras/Snow, Hills, Mountains, Valleys, etc.

Quests: Around 30

Population: All types

Inspired on: Assassins Creed I Kingdom